Oh no, a cop caught you painting graffiti on the walls, players. No time for thinking – land on Graffiti Run and run as quickly as you can to escape from the police chase.

You are a wall-painting artist, and you extremely love graffiti; that's why you decided to sneak through the city by night and create a masterpiece on the city's great wall. However, unfortunately, your plan soon got detected by the patrol-police. Now, he's running behind you…how to break away from him? Hurry to equip yourself with spray paint cans and fly up to the sky. Control your spray can rocket wisely to maintain your flying ability as well as avoid colliding with all the obstructions in the air. If you make any mistake, the game will be over instantly.

Are you able to complete the decampment in Graffiti Run? Be aware of all the obstacles as they will be more difficult every second.

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Great game bro!