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Hello, how are you. I was browsing through this vast data access (internet) and I found your game and downloaded it and decided to do an analysis on my opinion to show my point of view about it and help in the development so let's go;)
Pros: There is a lot that I liked about your game
1 ° the graphics: they are beautiful for a mobile game running without any lag or bug.
2nd the dungeons: I love games that make random dungeons in addition to making the experience more unexpected, it always feels like a game to be a new experience, I just think it should increase the number of dungeons.
3 ° the monsters: I liked them a lot besides being well designed, each one has its own abilities that make each monster have its own characteristics.
Cons: umnnn ...
1 ° the controls: They were something that bothered me a lot, controls on a cell phone and very complicated because the cell phones big and small more for me 1 basic rules for buttons if you are going to make a game with buttons on the screen and widescream is recommended because when the screen this lying the hands are more distant from each other which makes it more comfortable, in your case I would recommend instead of buttons the game was to slide your finger (subsurf style, etc.).
2 ° the keys: I couldn't get it, if it's a bug and just fix it :), but if I'm the one who couldn't, I think a tutorial would be good: '
and to end a tip:
▪ It would be nice if you had a store to buy new characters;)
and that's it excuse if i went too long i can't resist =) i hope your project is a success and i hope i have helped and good luck: ^)
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Hello playerxt! I've read your comment and i'm very happy you liked the game. I'm taking notes on your feedback and working to release a new version that fixes a lot of problems. <3