You drive a rocket ship that has very little fuel. You must reach the finish flag to go to the next level.

This arcade game with simple but difficult mechanics was developed for Blackthornprod Game Jam # 3, which established a period of 1 week to complete the project. As I am very clueless I discovered the event a little late so I really only had 4 days to finish it, I wish I had done the best I could.

You can turn the ship using the DIRECTIONAL ARROWS or the A / D keys.

To control the ship, it is very simple, press SPACE or W to start the engines... Be careful! The LESS fuel you have, the MORE speed you get.


The levels are very short, but you have to be careful and explore the map to find the best route... You know what? If you want to speedrun the game, you would make me very happy. I want to see how long it can take someone who masters the game.

I will be glad to receive your comments and feedback, this is my first game released in this year and I was looking forward to working on such a project.

The game is available in English, Spanish, German and Esperanto.


Programming, Art and Music by StivArts (me)

Monogram font by datagoblin

Made with Unity 2019.4 LTS


Why do the rocket goes faster?

Because when the fuel runs out, the weight of the ship is also reduced. Physics, bro.

What is the difference between difficulty levels?

The more difficult, the more fuel you waste over time.

But what about gravity? Isn't it supposed that there's no gravity in space?

Yeah, but... humm... just forget about that.


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Muy buen juego <3